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North Warning System

Many applications require power where it just isn't available. Off-grid systems have their own nuances and issues. At Braddon Engineering, we are able to balance cost and efficiency to deliver the most effective system for your needs. Our capabilities include:

Jeff Braddon Engineering

North Warning SystemBraddon Engineering has worked on the Canadian North Warning System. The North Warning System in Canada consists of long-range and short-range radar sites, extending from the Yukon across the Arctic and down the Labrador coast. All these installations have unattended prime power generating systems, which are remotely monitored and controlled from a southern operations center. Operation of these power plants is critical and most sites are only accessible by helicopter. Recently, Braddon Engineering has been involved in power plant PLC control upgrades.

Jeff Braddon Engineering

North Warning SystemBraddon Engineering associates have experience working with major telecommunication companies providing power to remote unattended communication sites across Canada and the US. In general, these sites are powered by a station battery that is charged by multiple sources; these include a diesel generator, solar panels and wind turbine generators. These sites are fully automated and remotely monitored and are designed to reduce diesel fuel consumption and keep maintenance to a minimum.